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Band 2


This covers everything listed in Band 1 above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth.

    • non-surgical periodontal treatment including root-planing, deep scaling, irrigation of periodontal pockets and subgingival curettage and all necessary scaling and polishing
    • surgical periodontal treatment, including gingivectomy, gingivoplasty or removal of an operculum
    • surgical periodontal treatment, including raising and replacement of a mucoperiostal flap, curettage, root planning and bone resection
    • free gingival grafts
    • permanent fillings in amalgam, composite resin, synthetic resin, glass ionomer, compomers, silicate or silico-phosphate, including acid etch retention
    • sealant restorations
    • endodontic treatment of permanent or retained deciduous teeth
    • pulpotomy
    • apicectomy
    • extraction of teeth
    • transplantation of teeth
    • oral surgery including surgical removal of cyst, buried root, unerupted tooth, impacted tooth or exostosed tooth and alveolectomy
    • soft tissue surgery in relation to the buccal cavity and lips
    • frenectomy, frenoplasty, frenotomy
    • relining and rebasing dentures including soft linings
    • addition of tooth, clasp, labial or buccal flange to dentures
    • splints (other than laboratory fabricated splints) in relation to periodontally compromised teeth and in connection with external trauma
    • bit raising appliances (other than laboratory fabricated appliances)